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Prem first experimented with professional voiceover training back in 2002-2003 with classes at Voicetrax in Sausalito, California, while at the same time running the Production Department at a San Francisco radio station.
While voicing show promos, quirky station IDs, underwriting announcements and more, he also managed the Production Department's team of about 25 people to get everything voiced and produced on schedule. He now runs the studio Utter Obsession LLC and continues professional voiceover training at Voice One in San Francisco.
But his experience extends far beyond voiceover and audio production into the realms of medicine, law, music, politics, dramatic art, real estate and property management, banking, construction, insurance, retail, surfing, computer programming, executive search, and more - all areas providing different and unique perspectives as to how to approach a script.



Medical narration

Offering experience with medical terminology for smooth delivery to students and professionals


E-Learning & explainer videos

Leadership & management training, human resources, software training and more


Political narration

Campaign ads, fundraising requests and more to support contemporary causes


Documentary narration

Providing perspective and nuance to maintain listeners' attention throughout each film


Character voices

A variety of personalities and styles from conservative to cute to sinister to a bit eccentric

Professional Audio Gear

R&D Leader in Tech photo

Acoustically designed recording studio

Most Innovative B2B Solutions photo

Adobe Audition digital audio workstation

Best Service Provider

Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic

Leader of Innovation photo

Steinberg UR22MKII mic interface


  • Illustration

    American Justice on Trial - a film directed by Andrew Abrahams and Herb Ferrette II, 2022

    Documentary Film

    Prem voiced the character of the defense attorney in this documentary about a 1968 trial which influenced the process of jury selection in all trials that would follow. American Justice on Trial kicked off the 2022 San Francisco Film Festival and has since shown around the country and the world.
     On December 21, 2022, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences placed American Justice on Trial on the shortlist of 15 films to be considered for an Oscar in 2023 in the category "Documentary Short Film" out of the 98 films in this category.
    Testimonial from director Andrew Abrahams of Open Eye Pictures
    “It was a pleasure to work with Prem. He did voiceover as a major character in a film I directed called AMERICAN JUSTICE ON TRIAL. Prem's voice and enthusiasm are outstanding. He studied and researched his role vigorously, responded well to direction, and delivered! I would highly recommend Prem for any kind of voiceover needs.”

  • Illustration

    Prescient - a novel by Quincy Bragg, 2021

    Audiobook - Fiction (magical realism, romance, contemporary, psychological)

    Prem voiced all of the characters (60+) in this novel and produced an audiobook version more than ten hours long. The chapters feature scenes in California, Missouri, and North Carolina and include a rich mixture of personalities and accents.
    Testimonial from author Quincy Bragg
    "I hired Prem Lall to make an audiobook of my self-published novel 'Prescient.' My partner has great difficulty reading large blocks of conventional text and I wanted her to be able to enjoy my book.
    Prem was responsive to my needs: he read the book in advance carefully and came back with useful questions and clarifications; he developed a proposal that was clear and direct. In production of the audiobook he was prompt, timely, and met my schedule requirements.
    Prem’s voice is clear, his pronunciation excellent, he is able to vary his pitch and accent to relay different characters and moods. His voice is authoritative and precise without becoming overbearing—it is pleasant to listen to.
    I highly recommend Prem as a voice artist and narrator."

  • Illustration

    Brisbane Artists' Evening of Sharing, 2020


    The Evening of Sharing included works by local artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, photographers, painters, writers...and Prem, the sole voiceover artist...and took place Saturday, February 8 at Brisbane's Mission Blue Center.
    Prem created nine VO videos which were played in series on the large screen you see behind him in this photo, broadcast to the audience of over 200 people over a top-notch sound system. The presentation was a hit, receiving some of the most enthusiastic applause of the evening, and included a mix of the "serious" and the "kooky. " 
    The serious element involved medical narration, a paralegal explainer video, documentary narration, a workers' compensation explainer video, and political narration.
    However, he interspersed between the five serious videos four crazy character voice videos, and the audience had no idea what would come next. They enjoyed the eclectic VO mix of his presentation.
    Little did they know that soon after this gathering, the COVID-19 pandemic would shut everything down.

  • Illustration

    VOcation Conference NYC, 2019


    Prem met many luminaries of the voiceover industry at the three-day VOcation Conference in New York City including J. Michael Collins, best known for his masterful production of demos. This pic is from the conference's opening gala on the evening of September 13, 2019.
    Equally important, Prem met and interacted with many people in the field with whom he's since connected professionally on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

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